South Interlake Emergency Measures Board

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Exercise Shooting Star on Sept 18th, 2010

On Saturday Sept 18th, Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization with participating communities in the Interlake Region, (Divided into 5 separate regions) will be conducting a large scale exercise.
The South Interlake Emergency Measures will be in region # 2, along with the Town of Stonewall and the R.M.'s of Headingly, Cartier and St Francis.
The exercise is going to consist of running a Emergency Operation Centre that will be receiving inputs from a Sim Cell that is located at the East St Paul Fire Hall, this exercise will also have a reception centre as there will be a mock evacuation.
In our region the EOC will be located at the R.M. of Rockwood Office in Stonewall, and the Reception Centre is going to be located at the 55 Plus Centre at the Lion`s Manor in Stonewall.
The Incident will be Semi Trailer/Tanker carrying Chlorine Gas it will be involved in an accident causing it to rollover and the tank rupture, a Chlorine cloud will then form forcing a evacuation. Once the exercise begins the EOC will be receiving inputs from the Sim Cell and then the EOC Staff will have to determine what actions we will take to deal with each input received from the Sim Cell in regards to the Incident developing.
The EOC Staff will consist of a Emergency Coordinator, Fire Representative, Police Representative, Public Works, Ess Director, Transportation Manager and Municipality Administrator.
Some Council member`s will also be involved.
We have some volunteer`s that will be working the reception centre and some that will be playing the role of evacuee`s attending the reception centre and registering.
We have outside agencies involved, St Johns Ambulance, ARES, SK Security, RCMP along with members of our RM`s.
We are still looking for volunteers to play the role of Evacuee's, if you are interested contact Dennis Peterson at email
There will be a hot lunch supplied.
Thanks Dennis
Dennis Peterson
Municipal Emergency Coordinator
South Interlake Emergency Measures