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Emergency Prepardness Week May 3rd to 9th, 2015

Emergency Preparedness Week

May 3-9, 2015 

What is Emergency Preparedness Week?

Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week is an annual, national event that takes place during the first full week in May. The main objective is to increase awareness about individual preparedness. All EP Week activities reinforce the idea that we can reduce the risks and lessen the consequences of a disaster by being better prepared.


In case of a Major Emergency:


  1. Follow your Emergency Plan;


To create your emergency plan, you will need to think about:

·         Where the exits are from your home and neighborhood

·         The location of your fire extinguisher, water valve, electrical box, gas valve and floor drain

·         A meeting place to reunite with family or roommates

·         Close-by and out-of-town contact persons

·         Health information

·         A designated person to pick up your children should you be unavailable

·         The risks in your region

·         A place for your pet to stay


  1. Get your Emergency Kit;


A Basic Kit should contain such items as a flashlight, battery operated radio, food, water and blankets. Keep your kit in a backpack, a duffel bag or a suitcase with wheels. It needs to be easy to carry, well organized and accessible to everyone in the household.


          You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family

          for a minimum of 72 hours. If a disaster happens in your

          community, it may take emergency workers

          sometime to get to you as they help those in desperate need.


  1. Make sure you are safe before assisting others


  1. Listen to the radio or television for information from local officials and follow their instructions


  1. Stay put until all is safe or until you are ordered to evacuate



During an emergency, you may not have time to make alternative plans. That’s why it is important to know who to call and what to do.



Further Information on Emergency Preparedness is available thru Town and R.M. Offices, the Manitoba EMO Website ( and the Public Safety Canada Website (


Local Contacts;

South Interlake Emergency Measures

R.M of Armstrong, Rockwood, Rosser, Woodlands & Town of Teulon

Emergency Coordinator – Jim Townsend





Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization